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What Makes Us Special

Our team of vastly trained and certified pool service technicians will provide you with Premier Pool Service, that is Safe, Reliable, Professional and Trustworthy.

VG Group is the choice for all of your pool service, repair, and remodelling needs. We will maintain a perfectly balanced pool, that is essential for safe and enjoyable swimming, fun and relaxation. Each pool service visit includes our pool chemical testing service which tests the water for pH, total alkalinity, and chlorine levels. Pool water is tested for stabilizer (cyanuric acid) once a month or more often if needed. Additional chemical testing to determine levels of salt, phosphates, and calcium are periodically conducted.

Chemicals that maybe use during routine maintenance.
•Chlorine, tablets and liquid
•Granular Shock
•Muriatic Acid
•Sodium Bicarbonate
•Sodium carbonate
•Phosphate Remover